Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Intern Profile on Anna Williams

Brides intern and Chicago gal Anna Williams knew she wanted to attend college in an urban environment. She says she's always had a strong interest in magazines, and after considering New York's magazine hub and her lack of a driver's license, New York University was the perfect fit for her.

Although Anna wasn't a journalism major until the end of her sophomore year at NYU, she's always been a fan of languages. She's taken classes in Irish, and she's also majoring in Italian (though she jokes that, even after spending a semester in Florence, her accent is a bit on the rough side).

Moving to the city was no problem for Anna. Some of her family lives in Manhattan and in Brooklyn, and one of her triplets goes to NYU. That's right: she's one of three triplets. Although they aren't identical, many of Anna's friends say they have similar body language and mannerisms.

"Everyone pretty much growing up was always like, 'the triplets,' and that really annoyed me," she says. "One person would say, 'The triplets said this,' when it was really, 'I didn't say that.' Sometimes it can be annoying for that reason, but most of the time it's super fun."

Since moving to New York almost three years ago, Anna says she's had some wild moments of seeing celebrities and living in a culturally diverse neighborhood in a small, six-floor walkup apartment. Her wildest New York moment, though, when she punched a man in the face when he wouldn't give her any space on a crowded subway. She gave him the rush-hour right hook and bolted from the subway car as the doors opened.

Anna's ASME internship with Brides isn't her first major opportunity. She's also interned at The Knot, Cosmopolitan and at a foreign policy magazine as a fact-checker. For now, she's enjoying her time at Brides. She says: "My editorial assistant is really good. She lets me come to all the meetings and shows me all of these things. It's such a learning experience. I feel like it takes more time on her part, but it's so helpful for me. I really like that."

Magazine internships, especially at major consumer publications, are notoriously fast-paced, but Anna follows the Ghandi mantra her mom used to share with her. "Whatever you're doing, even if you're a dishwasher, do it the best you can."

-Justin Whaley, ASME Intern, GQ

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