Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Intern Profile on Michelle Timmerman

ASME’s Glamour intern, Michelle Timmerman has three dream careers: a novelist, a museum curator, and a magazine editor or writer.  Right now, she’s on track to pursue the latter.  The Harvard history and literature major has been involved in the college’s publication, The Harvard Crimson, since her freshman year.  She is also the chair of a weekend campus magazine, The Fifteen Minutes, and was a previous intern for a Prague-based journalism magazine, Transitions Online.  “I enjoy writing short, colorful, humorous pieces as much as I love me some heavier, investigative journalism,” Timmerman said of her work.  But her work experience isn’t strictly journalistic either.  Timmerman, who is originally from Menlo Park, California, has also worked at a Nike store in California and as a camp counselor in the Swiss Alps.  She is currently both a barista and a bartender at her university.  Timmerman’s future is filled with more work and even bigger aspirations.  “After college? Ideally and impossibly? Travel. Travel a lot and widely and non-discriminately. And write. And edit. And somehow do all of those things while also making enough money to eat and indulge in the occasional quality espresso,” she said.

-Jenneke Oostman, ASME Intern, Travel + Leisure

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