Monday, June 25, 2012

No Sleep Till Brooklyn...Well...Manhattan

Coming from a school that operates on quarters instead of semesters made my transition to NYC slightly hectic. I went to my last day of classes on Friday June 1st then immediately took a few early finals that same day, all the while knowing I would be on a plane to New York just two days later. I started orientation while my friends and classmates were still in our small college town, Athens, OH, struggling through finals week. There was no down time for me. I went straight from school to work, while most of the other ASME interns had been out of school for weeks.

But I’ve since discovered the breakneck speed at which I went from college classes to interning at Family Circle was the best possible preparation I could have had for this perfectly busy summer. There has been no time wasted at my internship, and I received my first writing assignment on the first day—something I never expected to happen so quickly—and two days later I found out that one of the blurbs I pitched would be published in the October issue. Although I couldn’t let out the screams of excitement that were begging to be let out, I took the confidence that assignment gave me and have put it to work in every assignment I’ve been given.

Working at a publication that gives me, as an intern, opportunities to feel involved and appreciated is more than I could have dreamed of. From attending editorial meetings to checking out press events in place of editors, I have relished in every opportunity and assignment so far.

I am also doing my best to translate that mindset to my life outside of work. I don’t want to waste any opportunity in this cultural Mecca. There are so many opportunities for fun and adventure in this city and I want to savor every second here. My to-do list for the summer seems to grow constantly, even after I cross off a weekend’s worth of activities, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

This is my second summer interning in New York too, so I still had some leftover entries from last year’s list to complete: free concert in Central Park? check. Heading to Rockaway Beach for a day at the ocean? check.  Going to Governor’s Island for a picnic? hopefully soon.

After transitioning straight from my Spring Quarter of classes to my summer ASME internship, going straight from work to see Newsies on Broadway or out to dinner with fellow OU Bobcats in the city is no problem. I thrive on the chaos, but don’t worry mom, I’m not burning the candle at both ends, I’m making time to get just enough rest…most nights.

—Bridget Mallon, Ohio University, Family Circle

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