Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One of the best parts of working for Fitness is that the staff is small. Very small. We share a floor with More magazine, and from what I gather, the office gets really excited about the influx of interns during the summer. You'd think it was a national holiday.

I wasn't really given time to acclimate to my new environment. I was thrown right into the pool, and I started my first day researching recipes and health studies. But that's fine, and even preferable, since I like to keep busy and stay ahead of the curve. It was actually kind of fun. And for all my hard work, I was rewarded with a sneak peak of the October issue of Fitness.

Today's workload was a bit more varied. Along with doing research, I also got the chance to blog about a yoga event (I don't think my post is up yet) and to help out with a taste test. We had Meredith employees come into one of our conference rooms to taste and rate salty snacks. I found myself spending as much time snacking as I did working on the assignment.

Magazine journalism: it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

I'm going to be speaking with one of the editorial assistants tomorrow about my job. She had originally planned to give me an overview on my first day, but the office has been pretty busy as of late. I'm glad to have this mini-tutorial. I found a note in my top drawer today from the spring intern with advice on how to do well at my job. Somehow, I don't think remembering to title my blog posts and acting professional is all I need to impress my bosses, so I'd like to get more input. But it's a start!

I wonder if I should leave a similar note for the next intern when I'm done. But what would I put down? Always print in color? Don't show the editor any health studies relating to post-menopausal women? Stay away from the Cuban eatery downstairs unless you want to feel your stomach twist in knots?

My lesson for day two: as usual, I'm over-thinking things. Also, I actually don't need to pack my workout clothes everyday; they'll tell me ahead of time if I'm to do a blog post on an exercise class. So I guess another lesson is that I should always ask first before carrying a heavy bag to work.

-Laura Cofsky

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