Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Star Struck Start

The anticipation had been mounting for months.
Since the list of magazine assignments for the ASME interns popped into our email inboxes, the questions began to spark.

What could we expect?
What are the people in the office like?
How do I get there?
What will I be doing?

And after just a hair shy of three days of the ASME orientation, we were finally sent to our respective magazines. When the morning crashed into the afternoon on Friday, each of us broke off with the editors who came to scoop us at the ASME office.
A young, brunette woman in a jade-colored, sleeveless dress which was accented with simple, cream bangle bracelets was waiting for me. “Kate Westervelt” was printed on her nametag, dangling just above “Good Housekeeping.” Kate would be the one to take me to 300 West 57th Street – the Hearst Tower.
Sure, I had Googled the building a dozen times. I knew it was a geometric, shiny building on the skirts of Central Park. But I had never been there — ever. As our steps began to slow toward the building, we stopped at a glistening set of revolving doors. Before taking one step closer to the entrance, I recognized the woman hurriedly exiting the building. I see her photo printed in the front of every issue of Marie Claire and her face on my television screen on “Project Runway All Stars.”

“Do you know who that woman who just walked by was?” Kate asked me.

There was no doubt in my mind the very first person I saw in the Hearst Building was Editor in Chief Joanna Coles.
            With a huge smile slapped across my face, Kate and I moved up our way up to the 28th floor. Within my first 3 minutes in the GH office, another familiar face emerged. I got to meet our Editor in Chief, Rosemary Ellis.

            “Wow. That was pretty cool you got to meet her.” Kate whispered to me.

            Another grin tickled my mouth. I knew it was going to be a pretty cool summer if this was only what the first few moments had in store.

By: Allison Banko/ University of Florida/ Good Housekeeping

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