Monday, June 11, 2012

Finding the Positive

When I first found out that Lucy Danziger, the Editor in Chief of SELF, would be speaking at our orientation, I was beyond excited. When I actually got to see first-hand how amazingly confident, intelligent and passionate she was, I realized why SELF has been my favorite magazine for so long. I couldn't wait to start my internship and begin a new adventure -- one that requires the same courage and pure love for the magazine industry that Lucy possesses.

However, my first day at SELF didn't go exactly as planned. From problems creating an email account to annoying payroll issues, my morning started out rough. But when Amanda Woerner, Assistant Editor at SELF, sent me out on a trip to a nearby Hilton event to scope out the best products for an upcoming gift guide, I thought I had the chance to prove my dedication and attention to detail. Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned.

After talking to at least six different Hilton employees on a mad hunt for the location of event and dealing through multiple sources and phone calls, I came to find the event wasn't until July 11th. Somewhere in the mix of PR people and miscommunications, I was an entire month early

But I'm sort of grateful for the bumps in the road. As a long-time perfectionist, which I'm sure many of us interns are, the hectic day taught me that I can take on some messy situations and, more importantly, I proved to Amanda that I could handle the mix-up calmly and professionally.

Plus, Amanda promised I could attend the event in July, so it looks like I'll still get the opportunity to pick out some fun and colorful gifts that might even get featured in an upcoming issue!

Cary Carr

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