Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Here's to living out our dreams

I was making ravioli one afternoon before Journalism and Literature class in my Ames, Iowa apartment when I got an email, read the contents and collapsed to the floor. I was not only accepted to be an ASME intern, but I would be working at the Food Network Magazine. I did it, I got my dream job in New York City and I threw my ravioli away and went straight to cross this achievement off my bucket list. 

If I told you working here has been everything I dreamed it would be and more, I would be lying. I'm not the editor-in-chief (I wish I could show you a video of me meeting her, I was so starstruck), I'm an intern, but I love every minute of it. It took me three internships to finally be told to go get coffee, 19 coffees to be exact—but in all honesty, it was great. I am above no task, and every time I'm asked to make copies, get coffee or organize the prop closet in price order, I do it knowing that my next task will be a better one.

Like the time I was given my first opportunity to write for FNM. But before you can just write, you have to interview. I practiced what I was going to say with my fellow intern before calling up restaurant owners while shaking in my seat as I asked them all sorts of questions about their inspiration and what they have to offer the world. But they called me "the lady from the Food Network Magazine" and they were just as scared as I was, little did they know I'm a twenty-something college student from small town, Iowa. 

 I could go on for pages and pages about all my adventures in the city and at work. I could compare for you the amount of sleep I get now compared to the plethora of hours I had in Ames, because there truly are that many things to do and see. I could tell you all about that time I ran around Manhattan talking to street vendors in Spanish, trying to figure out where headquarters is, but I'm sure my idea of a good read is different than all of yours. So I leave you with this: high nerves, menial tasks, and days spent in awe of the people I work with aside—I’m so lucky to be in the city living out my dreams.

Devon O'Brien
Food Network Magazine
Iowa State University

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