Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Intern Profile on Emily Inverso

“I can do that.”

That turns out to be, well, anything. It’s more than a simple statement; it’s how Emily Inverso describes her way of tackling life and career.

Independent and savvy, Emily greets challenges with the mentality that no amount of research or effort is too gritty to complete a task.

“If something is a Google search, a book or an interview away from being understood, just do it,” Emily encouraged.

Her personal mantra has already proven to be well-suited. Awarded an ASME internship at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, Emily sunk her teeth into learning the ropes of writing for a financial publication.

“These reporters and editors around the office are so much more than journalists,” Emily said. “They are experts in their fields. It’s the type of experience that doesn’t come from a few interviews to write a story…it comes from really understanding the ins and outs of investing, stocks, etcetera, etcetera.”

Yet within her first month of working at Kiplinger’s, a story Emily wrote on identity fraud protection, 8 Things to Never Keep in Your Wallet, was picked up by national news sources and aggregators. Just days later, she gave a 15 minute radio interview on the topic to a San Francisco-based station. Never one to back down from a new challenge, Emily prepped for the interview and pulled it off without any prior live-air experience.

In many ways, Emily is a complexly made-up individual composed of many different yet complementary facets. She is bold in the endeavors she takes on, having started up A fashion magazine and having been one of two student reporters who broke the story on never-before-heard tapes from the Kent State shooting. Her article on the story released ahead of regional news sources and helped trigger a national inquiry calling for the shooting investigation to be re-opened.

Yet her incredible intelligence and drive are carried with the utmost class. Emily is one the most well-poised and humble women I have ever met. I asked her what sort of qualities she valued in her vision of the ideal career woman, and she replied that she has a hard time choosing “ideals”.

“My ideal right now is very simple,” Emily explained. “I want to challenge myself, I want to know I can succeed under pressure. I want to be able to stand on my own two feet and take care of myself. And I want to learn something new with each assignment I take.”

And, she quipped, “I wouldn’t mind doing all of that with a little Hepburn grace, either.”

Her answer is honest and refreshing. And on reflection, not all that surprising coming from her. As one of my roommates in D.C. this summer, Emily has revealed herself to be a smart and practical woman. She doesn’t waste time waffling on the theoretical concepts of the ideal and unrealistic. Instead she lives her life focusing on pushing herself forward and gaining new experiences. Her ambition and livelihood boil over into all aspects of her life. When I roll over in my bed on Saturday morning and hear the door to our apartment clicking closed, I know it’s Emily heading out in the early light to explore another corner of this city. And I know when she comes home, she’ll have a vintage trinket or a bag of fresh produce from an open-air market with a list of new places and restaurants we have to try.

Emily is a rising senior at Kent State University. This year, she will be editor in chief of her college newspaper, where she is heading an initiative to bring the paper’s efforts into collaboration with the college television news station at a converged news desk. In addition, she will be editor in chief of A magazine, where she is overseeing the final stages of publishing Kent’s first iPad compatible magazine edition.

After she graduates in May 2013, I hope she calls me looking for a roommate.

- Kat J. McAlpine, UConn ’12, Editorial Intern, Smithsonian magazine

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