Thursday, July 19, 2012

Intern Profile on Justin Whaley

For University of Missouri senior Justin Whaley, an ASME internship has been a long time coming. The first time Whaley heard about the program, it was the day before applications were due for summer 2011. He spent all night gathering his application materials, only to realize that as a sophomore, he would have to wait another year to apply.
He had no trouble staying busy in the mean time. Before joining GQ as an intern, Whaley was a fashion columnist for MOVE magazine, an intern at Inside Columbia Magazine, a writer and translator (he's fluent in Italian) at, a writer for Her Campus and a web editor at VOX magazine.
When Whaley leaves New York in a few short weeks, it won't be for long. He plans to graduate in December and, in a perfect world, return to GQ. "It's a very fun environment," he said. "I feel like I fit in there."
As an intern, Whaley spends his days transcribing interviews, researching, fact checking and writing for While Whaley’s previous journalism experience prepared him well for his first New York internship, the fact that he’s a longtime GQ reader has given him an extra edge.

“I first picked up the magazine when I was 15 and something just made sense,” he said. He even remembers the issue – August 2006, featuring Justin Timberlake on the cover. “I fell in love with it,” he said. “Something clicked.”

-Laynie Rose, ASME Intern, Money

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