Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Intern Profile on Sarah Lyon

Maine. Edinburgh. Paris. London. Prague. Finally, New York City.

The past six months or so of Sarah Lyon’s life have been a series of landings and departures. New people, new climates and new places to see. Throughout it all she’s embraced adventure, exploring the metro system and thriving off of the excitement that comes with travel. It’s the same sense of curiosity that encouraged Lyon to join her high school newspaper and pursue a career in journalism. 

When Lyon graduated and enrolled at Colby College, a small liberal arts college in Maine, she wasn’t slowed down by the absence of a journalism program. She quickly took on a major in Sociology and got involved with the college newspaper, for which she will serve as editor in chief this coming academic year. In the meantime, Lyon said she’s getting plenty of useful experience as an editorial intern at Parade magazine. After just several weeks on the job, she’s already written several articles for their website. 

“I’ve just enjoyed being treated like a full-time staff member,” Lyon said. “It’s also been nice getting to know the people in my office since the editorial staff is relatively small, and one woman I work with is a former ASME intern.”

Lyon is still deciding if she would prefer to write or edit stories after graduation, but she’s sure she wants to work in publishing. Right now she said she enjoys the freedom working at a mixed-audience publication allows. She wouldn’t mind working for a women’s magazine, either. As always, she’s open to the possibilities. 

-Taylor Long, ASME Intern, Food & Wine

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