Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thoughts in a Broken Elevator

A lot of thoughts race dance through your mind when you’re stuck in an elevator.

My roommates and I were lucky enough to only wait 20 minutes before firemen were able to wrench open the doors and rescue us from captivity between the first and second floors.

But during those 20 minutes, jokes and laughter among the three of us masked my wonderings about this summer. My heart has melted for D.C. a lot more than I thought it would (and not just from the heat index). With only three weeks left in this summer intern season, I’m getting the tight feeling in my chest that questions whether I’m really making the most of this experience.

So I reflected:

-Yes, I’ve been to the free museums. I’ve seen how we print money, and I’ve found out if I had a stack of $100 bills the same height as me, I’d be worth about $1.5 million.

-Yes, I’ve written for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, and, in fact, had the story picked up by four different portals. The day a California radio station requested to interview me on air and my bosses conceded the request, I thought I would burst into tears. This internship experience has been more than I ever understood it could be.

-Yes, I’ve done the night tour of the monuments, and FDR is by far my favorite. With the collection of his actions and famous sayings aggregated by term, the beauty of words from a yesteryear made me realize I should choose my own more wisely. This is no longer a time dominated by his fireside chats, when statements were so intricately crafted. But that doesn’t mean my own precision cannot be found again.

-Yes, I was allowed to run Kiplinger’s Tumblr for a week, as well as its Facebook and Twitter for two days. Now I am #SociallySavvy.

-Yes, I’ve gotten lost on the metro, which actually helped me find a farmer’s market, outdoor flea market and thrift store. Perhaps I should get lost more often.

-And, yes, my bosses have allowed us interns to have a hand in an annual project that was a finalist for the 2012 National Magazine Awards for Digital Media.

So many more adventures, experiences and unexpected run-ins have decorated the summer. I’ve tried to live by the expertise of D.C. natives whose major advice included never sacrificing a weekend, visiting the pandas at the national zoo (it’s free!) and making sure to come back after the summer is over.

I’m not ready to think about moving back to Ohio, yet, so for the next three weeks, I decided to make a plan: Put in as much time as I can with Kiplinger, somehow visit all the neighborhoods of D.C. I’ve missed, sleep as little as possible and go to the Newseum (maybe twice).

But my reflections snapped to reality when I suddenly had a fireman under each arm, pulling me from our rogue elevator car. That was when I also decided, well, maybe I’d start taking the stairs.

Emily Inverso
Kiplinger's Personal Finance intern
Kent State University

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