Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Intern Profile on Tommie Ethington

Don’t let Tommie Ethington’s small town origins fool you. Although she’s got the bubbly sweetheart persona, Ethington is taking on in New York with force and proving that her knowledge far exceeds what she calls the “cowboy culture” of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
By watching her parents handle owning a small business, Ethington learned the importance of hard work early on. Not only has she interned with her hometown newspaper, The Jackson Hole News & Guide as a features reporter, but she’s also about to start her senior year at Trinity University as the editor-in-chief of her campus newspaper, The Trinitonian. But after interning at Field & Stream this summer, she’s not too worried about the challenge.
“I’ve learned a lot about how to best manage a staff and how to think big picture in regards to the relationship between editorial and advertising,” says Ethington. “I’ve also been reminded of what it feels like to be at the lower level and have your article returned to you with a lot of edits.”
At Field & Stream, Ethington has been using that work ethic and interviewing dedicated readers of the publication. Bonus? She gets a high off of the excitement that fans of the magazine exhibit when she lets them know they’ll be featured in an upcoming issue.
Field & Stream really cares about their readers, the environment and the next generation of conservationists” says Ethington of the staff she’s been working closely with, “and I think that’s something everyone can get behind.”
So what’s in the future for this ambitious go-getter? Well, she’s not really sure, but she knows she wants to combine her love of travel and magazines and she wouldn’t mind exploring new journalistic avenues like photography or broadcast journalism. The ASME internship, Ethington says, gave her the confidence to try out even more new experiences.
-Cary Carr, ASME Intern, Temple University

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