Thursday, August 9, 2012

With a little help from my friends

At the beginning of the summer, my roommates and I had one really bad habit. We'd come home from work and dissect every minute of our days, down to the final detail. In the first couple of weeks as we adjusted to our magazines, we spent hours mulling over every tiny task that we could possibly have done wrong.
As it turns out, that's not the healthiest behavior.
Right around the time we decided to quit cold turkey to preserve our sanity, the updates started to change. Speculation about what we'd done wrong steadily turned to a list of what we thought we'd done right. And so, the daily debriefings continued. After all, how could good updates be stressful, right?
If someone came home with one new byline, someone else came home with two. Everyone was fitting in an impossible number of informational interviews. So yes, those updates were still stressful. But they always made me consider how much more I could be doing to make the most of this opportunity. When I finally took the time to reflect on this summer, I realized that I never would have accomplished everything I did if I wasn't surrounded by 30 constant reminders that there plenty of amazingly talented young people in this industry who are willing to work just as hard as I am. Together we tossed around story ideas, wrote thank you notes and spent hours upon hours (upon hours) talking about magazines.
At the July ASME NEXT event, I talked to one attendee who said she loved the talks because she always left feeling inspired to do the best she possibly could at her job. Luckily for me, I don't have to wait for a scheduled event for my next dose of inspiration. I can just call my friends.
Laynie Rose, University of Georgia, Money

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