Thursday, October 25, 2012

Intern Profile on Julie Mazziotta

Julie Mazziotta is no stranger to traversing unfamiliar territory.
While most of us eagerly awaited our magazine placements by refreshing our email inboxes at home, Mazziotta was sitting in the Plaka, a square teeming with tourists in the shadow of the Acropolis in Athens, depending on the pocket of WiFi there to do the same. She was on the fourth leg of her trip around Europe after studying in London for four months, and flight after flight, she traveled to a new city every few days, switching languages and rhythms.
These adaptive skills have served her well at Real Simple’s beauty department.
“I wasn’t expecting beauty at all,” Mazziotta says, explaining how she rarely liked to put on makeup; even her mother began laughing when she heard the news.
A rising senior at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, Mazziotta is a political science major who became interested in journalism at a young age through her mother, a reporter at the Associated Press. In high school, Mazziotta even had the opportunity to flex her political journalism muscles, helping the AP cover the 2008 Democratic National Convention, where President Obama accepted the nomination.
Even though she now works at a magazine that deals with topics nowhere near politics, Mazziotta has comfortably slipped into her internship. She had always read Real Simple, and so far this summer, she has attended events, met with PR representatives and learned the brands the magazine often works with for their pages.
“I didn’t think of beauty as this technical,” she says, noting how familiar she’s become with the brands.
But it’s easy to see why Mazziotta can handle it all. A co-captain of the Bryn Mawr crew team, she wakes up every morning at 5 a.m. to row and practice before classes begin during the season. Despite being short for a rower at 5’ 3”, Mazziotta is a determined leader.
And Real Simple’s been the right fit for the hardworking Mazziotta. At a small department, she gets the chance to attend every meeting, including two in the office of the editor-in-chief. Outside the office, New York City’s not such a far cry from the bustle of London, so the reverse culture shock expected of study abroad returnees has not fully sunk in for her; instead, she says the moves from city to city in the past few months have made her adjustments easy.
After ASME, Mazziotta will take on the task of News Editor at the Bi-College News, continue to lead the crew team, and will likely attend the Republican National Convention. Though each role requires different sets of skills, Mazziotta will have no trouble adapting to her tasks.
-Shirley Li, ASME Intern,  Northwestern University

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