Thursday, October 25, 2012

Intern Profile on Page Grossman

As someone with previously little exposure to print publications, Page Grossman was thrilled to see her name in print in an issue of Popular Science, where she’s interning this summer. “Seeing your work published online is great, but there’s just nothing like knowing that magazine went out to so many people,” she says. Page eagerly awaited the arrival of the September issue, and as soon she got her hands on a few copies she mailed them out to friends and family.
Originally from Coleyville, Texas, this University of Oklahoma senior studies both Online Journalism and Art History. On campus, she serves on the Integrity Council reviewing cases of plagiarism and cheating, and also manages the website for the school’s art museum.
Page’s background in the arts has not held her back at Popular Science, where she appreciates the opportunity to “learn about science-y things that I don’t understand and make it easier for everyone else to understand.” She has also been very impressed by the magazine’s staff, noting that, “They really know their field.” Many of the people she works with have graduate degrees in the sciences, and are experts in their areas of interest.
When she’s not in the Popular Science offices, Page enjoys exploring different neighborhoods in New York City. “I love how you can walk five blocks and you’re in a different area where the people are totally different,” she says. She’s also loved the culture of food in New York City, where she sees people often eat not just to consume food, but rather to really appreciate it.
As much as she has enjoyed her time in New York City, Page is not sure where she’ll be a year from now. “I’ll go wherever the world or fate takes me,” she says. She plans to spend the summer after graduation traveling around the world before settling down anywhere.
Wherever she may end up, New York has certainly left an impression on her. “I feel more at home here than I ever have in Oklahoma,” she says.
-Madeleine Frank, ASME Intern, Harvard University

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