Thursday, October 25, 2012

Intern Profile on Taylor Long

Taylor Long loves everything. Well, everything but being interviewed, that is.

“I’m not used to being the interviewee,” says Long, who is sitting at her kitchen table, nervously stabbing a grapefruit with a butter knife. “It feels weird; I’m normally asking the questions.”

The Food & Wine intern, who hails from Indiana, Pennsylvania, has had a summer of firsts. “I have tried so many new foods at Food & Wine. You learn to trust that whatever they offer you is going to taste great, no matter what it is,” she explains.

Although food reporting is a new beast for Long, this internship is far from her first stint in magazines. As a journalism major at Ithaca College, Taylor has had her hand in writing for the better part of her adult life, transitioning from newspaper “shenanigans” in high school to news editor of her college paper, The Ithacan. She even spent last summer in Chicago, interning at the award-winning In These Times magazine, where she encountered Jesse Jackson at a protest she was sent to cover. “I thought I was so cool,” recounts Long, who kept one of Jackson’s protest banners as a wall-adorning souvenir. “I do feel bad sometimes for using their woes as decorative pieces, though.”

While she hasn’t met any Baptist ministers at Food & Wine, Taylor says her summer has been exciting and unexpected. “It’s so rewarding when the editors pick one of your ideas. You feel like you’re actually changing things—like you have a larger influence over the magazine’s content,” Long explains, smiling.

When asked where she sees herself in five years, Taylor admits she doesn’t quite know. She loves to travel, but she has no specific place in mind. She adores city magazines (“I want to intimately know them”), but she isn’t sure which one. “Whatever I do, I tend to enjoy it,” she says, setting down the butter knife. “I don’t want to commit to anything until I really know if I like it. So for now, I’m just enjoying the ride.”

-Chloe Metzger, ASME intern, Parents

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