Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5 Internship-Inspired Tunes for Your Summer Playlist

Halfway through my fourth week (and fifth issue) at People, I couldn’t be happier—or busier. The editors at People really encourage interns to dive in head first, and I’ve done—or at least hope I've done—just that. Since starting, I’ve transcribed, fact checked, reported, written photo captions, interviewed celebs, and even picked up a few bylines along the way.

Writing is one of my passions; pop music is another. For my first post, I thought I’d mix the two. So with that, I present five waiting-to-happen summer hits—all inspired by my work at People—that are perfect for your next roadtrip, barbecue, commute, or night out.

1. MILEY CYRUS—“We Can’t Stop”
On her first solo single in three years, Miley moves from partying in the U.S.A. to a more hardcore venue where she’s “dancing with Molly” and “trying to get a line in the bathroom.” The mid-tempo beat, catchy “La La Di Da Di” chorus, and Ke$ha lite-meets-Rihanna reggae sound is Top 40 gold.

Step aside, JT. R&B god, Robin Thicke is bringin’ sexy back on his latest funk-infused, Pharrell and T.I.-assisted jam. With seductive—and simultaneously suggestive—lyrics (“I feel so lucky / You wanna hug me / What rhymes with ‘hug me’?”) and producer Pharrell’s disco-tinged beats, “Lines” is one of the best dance tunes of the year.

Why: After covering my first red carpet, I got access to the philanthropic gala inside, where Thicke performed this tune.

3. DEMI LOVATO—“Made in the USA”
Demi crushes it on her second single—part patriotic anthem, part love song—from her latest, eponymous album. The chart-topper’s vocals will hook you in, and the sing-along chorus will keep you pressing repeat.

Why: I attended a taping of The X Factor, where Demi returns to the judging panel for season three, on Long Island and interviewed the vocalist at a press conference afterward.

With both electronic and disco nuances, Daft Punk’s latest, much-hyped single is as futuristic as it is throwback. An entrancing base line and Rogers’s bubbly guitar beat complement the vocal harmonies, resulting in a song that can only be described as smooth.

Why: Soon after I was accepted into the ASME program and placed at People, I picked up a 6/03 newsstand copy to prep for my new internship, and Daft Punk’s new album, Random Access Memories, was reviewed.

5. FERGIE, Q-TIP & GOONROCK—“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)”
On this ’20s-inspired club banger from The Great Gatsby soundtrack, Fergie campily croons over LMFAO producer GoonRock’s throbbing synths. The former BEP leading lady’s over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek vocals—plus her party rocking counterpart’s production—may make for the summer’s best ode to debauchery.

Why: Last week People held its annual employee Summer BBQ. The DJ may not have spun this tune, but the occasion’s savory eats and—more importantly—refreshing sips brought it to mind as we partied in the name of pop culture on The Empire Hotel rooftop.

By Jeff Nelson, Drake University, People.
Edited By Leah De Graaf, Iowa State University, Real Simple.

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