Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Better Late Than Never

Eating dinner standing up while simultaneously cleaning is the most relaxing thing 21-year-old Lydia Belanger has done within the past few days. 

While most ASME interns are into the second week of their internships, Belanger’s first day of work was Monday. Her school uses a quarter system so she gets ends classes later than most colleges. After her first day of work, she pulled an all-nighter to finish an assignment for school. Back to work she went on Tuesday.

Belanger is a student at Northwestern University and the editor of her school’s magazine. She will spend this summer interning at AARP The Magazine in Washington, D.C., a magazine with the world’s largest circulation - more than 47 million readers.

This is an exciting time for Belanger. AARP The Magazine wasn’t her first choice because she planned on being in the Big Apple instead of the District. Nonetheless, after doing research and spending two days working already with a supervisor who is only two years older then her, she’s happy. Belanger has found optimism and opportunity in D.C., along with a condo within walking distance of her office.

“I can appreciate all magazines,” says the native of Traverse City, Mich. “I want to get better in absorbing myself in this magazine and come up with many ideas.”

Belanger will use this summer to develop her pitching skills and learn how to create interesting ideas for magazines. She believes that she’ll make a career in the magazine industry.

“I’ve been doing it since junior high and I’ve never gotten tired of it yet,” Belanger says about writing. 

She says she is especially interested in profile pieces. “That’s my favorite thing, telling stories about people.”

Belanger looks forward to a summer full of experience and growth. Along the way, she plans to complete her summer bucket list of one hundred free things to do in D.C. with her friend Brian. 

The summer may be just as busy as the school year for Belanger, but she is certain that she'll be doing what she loves: working at a magazine. 

By Taryn Finley, Howard University, ESSENCE Magazine 
Edited By Katie Macdonald, Louisiana State University, Reader's Digest

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