Saturday, June 8, 2013

In the Thundering Rain

I’m standing in a puddle of mud six inches deep. The sun has gone down, and howling winds and freezing, whipping rain have me shivering to the bone. The glum expressions of the thousands of teenagers around me indicates that things aren't going quite as planned here at Governors Ball in New York City. But the thing is, I’m having a blast.

Why wouldn't I be? I’m here not only as a fan but also as a music journalist with a three-day press bracelet for The Harvard Crimson wrapped tightly around my arm. I’ve just come from the TV Guide offices, where I started interning a week ago. I never thought that I would actually be able to fulfill my pipe dream of being an arts journalist in the city, but here I am–working not one but two jobs. It’s humbling and ego-swelling at the same time.

We’ve heard a lot about how the print industry is dying, newspapers are going down the drain, etc. All I know is that at TV Guide, I’m surrounded by witty pop-culture enthusiasts who show an unbelievable passion for their job every morning. Monday morning, I walked into a 9:30 meeting where the whole editorial staff was already feverishly discussing the previous night’s episode of Game of Thrones. Editor-in-chief and staff writers alike are bemoaning the many gruesome deaths that resulted from a cunning plot twist. “The Stark family is done,” someone says, and everyone nods solemnly in agreement. I feel right at home.

I haven’t gotten a chance to write yet, but I’m happily finding my place within the close-knit TV Guide team. I now know all about Emile Hirsch’s encounter with wild snakes on the set of the upcoming miniseries Bonnie & Clyde. I’ve heard the insider scoop on why Dan Harmon returned to my favorite show, Community. And I could tell you what happens in the pilot of the latest Steven King adaptation, Under the Dome (premieres June 24th on CBS, don’t miss it).

I’ll get plenty of writing in when I type up my Governors Ball coverage for The Crimson Arts section. I’ll probably write some more about the rain, trying in vain to pogo to the spastic beats of Crystal Castles, sipping Fosters huddled around a crowd of people I’ve never met for warmth, and putting down the umbrella to let Beach House’s waves of harmony wash over me. The climate may not be the most inviting, but damned if I’m not having fun and trying my hardest to make it work as an arts journalist in the city.

By Andrew R. Chow, Harvard College, TV Guide
Edited by Jeff Nelson, Drake University, People

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