Monday, June 17, 2013

Inside the Keebler Treehouse

Ever see the commercials for the Keebler cookies? With the little elf with gray hair and whiskers who bounces into the Keebler treehouse to make delicious fudge cookies with his equally tiny and bubbly colleagues? You don’t think about the Keebler treehouse when you’re devouring their baked snacks, but when you see the commercial it’s like an inside look into another world—a dream world—where scrumptious cookies are made in trees that magically don’t burn down from the cookie ovens. And it’s just like the offices of Condé Nast! Well, that’s how I described it to my sister after my first day of work at Glamour magazine.

Hey, it's OK... to get giddy when you see these doors!
The 16th floor in the Condé Nast building is like an alternate world where I can see what I love being created. Stepping out of the elevators, GLAMOUR greets me in bold, hot pink letters, tucked away behind locked, glass doors. And I have the key for the next 10 weeks.

So far at Glamour, I’ve researched the meaning of a famous pop star’s tattoos, helped create a research binder for an upcoming feature interview, gathered quotes for a special edition of the magazine, discovered amazing women for the Top Ten College Women contest and delved into the archives of Glamour from 1939. But for me, it’s not just about what I’ve done so far. It’s about being there and soaking in the experience; it’s about what I’ve seen.

DO: Enjoy the view from the office!
I’ve seen the most dedicated individuals putting together my favorite magazine with as much happiness and confidence that is in the pages of Glamour itself. I’ve seen the actual Things We Love bulletin board, the excitement of the editors at crafting an awesome celebrity photo shoot and even the Instagram posts being created right next to my desk. I’ve seen that you can’t make a magazine without being passionate about what you put in the pages. And at Glamour, that work ethic is clear.

The greatest part? The people inside get to work there everyday! And I have the privilege and opportunity to join them—in the metaphorical treehouse perched above Times Square—this summer. Of course I’m exaggerating when I call magazine publishing giant Condé Nast the “Keebler elves treehouse”—obviously Anna Wintour is no elf, and, wearing their stilettos, the magazine editors couldn’t possibly fit in that tree trunk. But it’s the only way I can describe such an unreal and inspiring place. 

But after two weeks at Glamour, here’s the weirdest part: It’s starting to become normal. I feel comfortable sitting down at my desk with my purple pen (Pilot Acroball, writes like a dream) and pink Moleskine notebook, ready to jot down the day’s tasks as the Times Square billboards flash beyond the windows. And I'm hoping that this will become a routine again in the future. But for now, I'm holding on to the excitement of entering the treehouse each day.

By Haley Goldberg, University of Michigan, Glamour
Edited by Carlos Anchondo, Trinity University, Sports Illustrated

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