Monday, June 17, 2013

Kristin Uncanned

Kristin poses with the other SELF interns
Kristin Canning knew exactly how she would react if she was offered her dream internship with ASME. She could see it all in her mind's eye: After opening the email and beginning to scream and cry, she would run to her roommates and yell, “Oh my God! I’m going to New York City!”

But when she finally did get that email, she completely froze. She refused to believe it was even true.

“So is this my rejection email?” she thought to herself, sitting in silence and staring at the screen. “Who is Sid? Is this a joke?”

After Googling Sid Holt“He’s legit, maybe he knows what he’s talking about”she quickly realized it was anything but a trick. She had landed a spot in the coveted ASME internship program. Her self-diagnosed Type-A personality kicked in: It was time to get some things in order. 
1.     Tell the other internships I’ve already accepted for the summer that I won’t be working for them.
2.     Figure out how I’m going to pay for two months of expenses in NYC.
3.     Break the news to my parents and friendsI’m going to the Big Apple!!

SELF was Kristin's first choice of magazine. As an avid runner, she fits the active, happy and healthy lifestyle that SELF advocates.

“I used to run around and make my sister time me,” she says, laughing. “That’s how we used to play.”

Her love of tag and racing boys at school led to running track and competing at state in high school. She was then recruited to run for Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa, and has competed for the Knights at nationals. While at Wartburg, she found her calling in media.

Kristin writes for the Wartburg alumni magazine and works at the school’s marketing and communication department. She will also be the editor-in-chief of her school’s student newspaper, the Wartburg Trumpet, this fall. But Kristin still manages to have enough time to remember another love of hersanimals.

Equal parts “crazy cat lady in the making” and “hermit crab whisperer", Kristin comes from a home that nurses sick, stray kittens. Even though her three aging cats started to go senile and forget who she was, she appreciates them and the outside felines who populate her yard for free food. A once proud owner of a hermit crab in the fourth grade, Kristin was able to keep her crustacean alive for four and a half years, as compared to the usual six months.

When Kristin isn’t saving animals or obsessing over Stieg Larsson's Millenium series, she is working on overcoming her latest trial by fire: the New York City subway system. 

“There’s been no major debacles, no crying or freak-out phone calls,” she says. “But I got lost when I went to get the cronuts."

On a mission to get a box of the infamous croissant-donut crossovers for her coworkers, Kristin took a few wrong trains. She resolved to walk ten blocks instead of taking another subway to finally get back to work.

But the subway mishap led to a major work-related highlight: Lucy Danziger, SELF editor-in-chief, emailed her a personal thank-you, and offered her a free spot at a spinning class.

Now that she’s got the personal approval of the lady in charge, Kristin has her sights set on getting a blog byline with the magazine and figuring out her post-grad plans. Kristin isn’t exactly sure what her future has in store, but she knows it will involve the media industry.

And maybe working towards achieving that “crazy cat lady” status, after all.

By Kelli Fitzpatrick, Kent State University, Reader’s Digest
Edited by Stefan Malmsten, Ohio University, MONEY

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