Thursday, June 27, 2013

Now That's a View

My days at BRIDES are unpredictable. Yes, I’m writing daily etiquette posts for the web and have ongoing projects in the features department, but it’s the last minute tasks and meetings that are really exciting. Yesterday, when I arrived at 10 a.m., I found a paper bag next to my keyboard. I peeked inside. A white three-ring binder with empty clear folders? Interesting. I knew a message was waiting in my inbox to tell me what the package was about. With a quick double-read of the email and a click on my destination’s location pin, I was back in the elevator, heading downtown.

When I packed boxes with a year’s worth of magazines the afternoon before, I proudly wrote “SOHO HOUSE” on the BRIDES label with a smile. I felt official, but I didn’t know where the magazines were going. I asked a messenger to help me with that. Today, I was the messenger.

For my delivery, I opted for a 26-minute walk over a 20-minute subway ride. I’d already spent 20 minutes crammed inside a subway car. The walk ended up being a little longer than expected, but I enjoyed walking through Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. It was rather steamy outside, though—and I’m from the South.

I had no trouble finding the address. Catherine, the assistant to the Editor-in-Chief, made sure of that. She’s a rock star dressed in beautiful stilettos. Lucky for me, I get to admire her style and composure. I also get to see firsthand how she makes it all happen. Even for my smallest tasks—like picking up a protein box from Starbucks or checking on a package downstairs, she gives me all the information I need with a forwarded email or a snapshot.

When I finally found Soho House, which was barely marked, I planned on handing my package to the receptionist and running out the door. Instead, she told me to go to the 6th floor of the building and deliver it myself. Once on the "Club" level, I spotted the group of BRIDES editors at a table in the back corner, surrounded by mounds of bridal magazines for research. After I passed over the small brown shopping bag, I wished them luck with their off-site meeting and was already weaving through the groups of club chairs when I heard my name. The EIC was calling my name. "Anna, Anna," she said.  Our managing editor (who has a much louder voice) had to chime in before I realized that they were talking to me. (I've given up on explaining my double name in the workplace, but it hasn't quite clicked that I'm only "Anna" up here.) With that, I quickly ran back to the table, eager for my next task. Instead, she said, "Anna, I want you to explore the building. There's a rooftop upstairs. Go up, take your time and admire the view."

What a pleasant surprise! Honestly, I get giddy inside each time my EIC calls me by name and now she was sending me to the roof just to "admire the view?" I couldn't help but smile with glee. When the elevator doors opened to a rooftop overlooking the Hudson River, I knew I was absolutely in "Intern Heaven."

Right now, I’m totally lucky to get a glimpse of life at the top. But I'm already saying, "Forget reaching for the stars." I know I’m reaching for the rooftop. And, maybe, the penthouse. And the corner office, too. Who knows, maybe one day I'll make an intern smile just by calling her name?

P.S. Here's a beautiful view from my weekend. One of my friends is living in a penthouse here. (Yes, someone is letting three 21-year-old boys live in a PENTHOUSE. Crazy notion, right?) So, on Sunday morning, I watched the sun rise over Central Park with a group of my closest friends from Alabama. I'm certain I could live with this view forever! And, yes, it's pretty fun pushing the "PH" button on the elevator.

By Anna Price Olson, The University of Alabama, BRIDES
Edited by Hannah Dreyfus, Yeshiva University, Parade Magazine 

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