Saturday, June 1, 2013

Taking a Bite of the Big Apple

An ASME intern's first days in New York City 

Cross streets. They're a real thing—a fact my SuperShuttle driver refuses to believe I do not know. He asks for my destination again, staring at me in his rear-view mirror as we crawl through the Holland Tunnel. I've just landed in Newark and my entrance into the city comes through heavily tinted glass. My van-mates observe me with sharp eyes, identifying me as an outsider—a non-New Yorker—a person bold enough to think I can just utter a number and street name as my address.

With a little help from his GPS (where was that a few seconds ago?) we make it safely to 129 3rd Avenue, located—just so you know—between 14th and 15th streets in the East Village. Coral Towers, one of several NYU residence halls, is our base for the next 10 weeks, my home away from home.

View from Coral Towers

The days following my Monday check-in have flown by, packed with street food meals, runs along the East River, expeditions on the subway and even corn ice cream. (Yes, you read correctly and no, don't give it a try.) It's been a whirlwind, but overall an exciting five days. With orientation complete and the first glimpses of our offices fresh in our minds, we—your ASME interns—stand ready to conquer the summer of 2013, one cross street at a time.

By: Carlos Anchondo, Trinity University, Sports Illustrated
Edited by: Natascha Yogachandra, New York University, Travel + Leisure

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