Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Desperation for Doughnuts

It all started with a street fair.

My roommate Katie and I woke up early one morning to go to Trader Joe's, stumbled into a massive street fair, and never suspected that our lives would be forever changed.

I don't even like doughnuts, really. I'd much rather go for froyo (I swear that they know my name at 16 Handles by now) or cookies (seriously, my weakness is a good chocolate chip).

But when I tell you that the passionfruit doughnut from Dough was the best doughnut I've ever had, you'll have to believe me. It beat out Dunkin' Donuts. It crushed any Krispy Kreme. It even put The Doughnut Plant to shame. Dare I say I've dreamed about this doughnut (I wish I were kidding, but I'm not).

We became obsessed with its return to our tastebuds. Alas, Dough was located in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn – not too far, but definitely uncharted territory.

Our whole suite decided to make it an adventure. After fueling up with shakeratos from I Am Coffee, we hopped on the L into the Brooklyn jungle. We stopped in Bushwick (one native, when Kristin said she was from Iowa, said, "Oh. They've come from afar,") to look at some stunning graffiti murals.

We hopped a bus and got off in Bed-Stuy. Seeing the tiny shop with "Dough" in gold on the windows made me ecstatically happy. We were all a little overheated (did I mention it was around 90?) and food-deprived.

A round of doughnuts for all (mixed berry and salted chocolate caramel, and yes, it was delicious) and we were happy once more. Chugging ice cold water into a mouth full of perfectly refreshing, sweet icing has never been better.

Since Williamsburg was on the way back, we found some relief in the light air conditioning of another bus and headed toward hipsterville. As the bus swerved onto a smaller side street, we found ourselves surrounded by Hisidic Jews. I've never seen so many adorable little children dressed in matching outfits. Or quaint little schoolbuses with Hebrews letters. Or a zillion places to get the greatest knish you've ever had.

We tried to walk toward the main streets, but it took a while. After 20 minutes of walking in the wrong direction, we crossed an overpass, and it was like we had entered another land. Awesome bars. Cheese shops. Overpriced thrift stores.

We finished our day with cheap (and yummy) falafel before hopping on the L home.

Thanks, Brooklyn. Next time, maybe I'll stay for a knish.

By April Castillo, SUNY New Paltz, Woman's Day

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