Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hey, It's OK... Intern Edition

In the style of Glamour, there’s only one way to present what I’ve learned this summer as an editorial features intern. I give you the “Hey, It’s OK…” of a Glamour magazine intern.

Hey, It’s OK…
  …to always get excited when your ID card unlocks the door to the office. They let me in! They let me in!
   …to consider it a personal victory when you learn to make the copy machine staple packets for you.
 …to walk a little slower when you pass the fashion closet and racks on racks of colorful clothing in the hall. And to daydream about them. Constantly.
 …to browse your Twitter newsfeed throughout the day. Twitter: the birthplace of great blog posts.
  …to use editors and the pages of the magazine as your style guide for the summer. How could you read the August issue and not want a chambray shirt?!
   …to get a little star struck when you meet the writers and editors you admire, and even more dazzled when you get to work with them.
 …to pack snacks for the day like you’re going on a hike. An eight-hour workday calls for as much trail mix as an eight-hour trek. 
 …to enjoy transcribing interviews. Listen in as Liz Brody interviews a source? Yes,  please!
  …to get lost in the Glamour archives and change your wardrobe to trends from the ‘50s.
 …to consider the celebrity you’re researching your new best friend (and pretend you had a convo after transcribing her interview).
  …to ask questions. Learn how your editors want a task completed, then try to do it one step better.
  …to watch the Glamour Gift of the Week at work. Yes, this sexy man on the screen is brand research.
…to pitch ideas to your supervisor for the blogs. The latest Beyoncé news your friend posted on your Facebook wall could be perfect for
  …to be intimidated at first, but realize you can rock this internship. Then listen to “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys for further inspiration while you walk to work.

Um, not OK…
·      …to take for granted any part of this opportunity. Each interview transcription, research assignment, copy task, and conversation is a chance to learn. Appreciate and take advantage of it—it flies by way too quickly!

By Haley Goldberg, University of Michigan, Glamour
Edited by Sara Gentzler, Creighton University, Parents 

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