Thursday, July 18, 2013

Soul Searching

Coming into this summer I had no exposure to the magazine industry, hadn’t been to New York since I was 7 years old, and wasn’t sure journalism was my calling. Now, I love going to my internship every day and feel decently confident that I can accomplish any task an editor asks of me.

Generally speaking, hindsight is 20/20. But when time goes as fast as it does in the city that never sleeps, the ability to see my former naivety is blinded by current self-confidence. At this point it’s hard to imagine a time (three months ago) when I didn’t even know what “masthead” meant. Thankfully, I have my Google search history to keep me humble, not to mention piece together the whole transformation.

I tried to narrow this down to the searches I found most indicative, and here they are, organized by date. Ladies and gentlemen, my journey from deer-in-the-headlights to…well, whatever I am now.

5/30/2013—The first day of orientation.
  • “Parents magazine masthead 2013”
  • “What is a masthead”
  • “SEO means”
  • “Learning to write code”
  • “Jimmy Johns Manhattan”
(FYI, there is no Jimmy Johns in Manhattan)

6/3/2013—My first day at Parents.
  • “What does evergreen stories mean”
  • “How to use InCopy”

6/2/2013Apparently the day I decided to write all of my thank you notes.
  • “Writing a professional thank you note”
  • “Essence address”
  • “Sports Illustrated address”
  • “Marie Claire address”
  • “SELF address”
  • (etc., etc., etc. with the addresses)
  • “Who is Graydon Carter"

6/7/2013—The end of the first week.
  • “Requirements of being a Disney princess” (Maybe the whirlwind of that first week made me rethink my career path?)
  • “Mickey Mantle rookie stats”
  • “Journalism jobs”
  • “New York New York Frank Sinatra”

6/8/2013When I started to venture into the city.
Kelli & Me at Governor's Island
  • “Governors Island”
  • “Places to dance in Manhattan”
  • “Animated short films NYC 2013”
  • “Volunteering in NYC”

6/20/2013--The night we ran into Jimmy McMillan

Kelli, Lucy, Jimmy, and Me
  • "The rent is too damn high senator"
A few consecutive weeks yielded no interesting searches, which confused me at first. Then I realized that I must have been too busy to sit down at my computer-- if only I knew how to find my iPhone’s Google search history.

7/7/2013—Last week.
View from Roosevelt Island
  • “Roosevelt Island tramway"
  • “What to wear to a Gatsby party
  • “Wicked! on Broadway"
  • “Kayaking in New York"
  • “Best hair salon lower east side” (I've been here long enough to need a hair cut?!)


“How to find Google search history”

And that, folks, is what I like to call a metadatamorphosis.

By Sara Gentzler, Creighton University, Parents

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