Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Truth about a Small Town Girl Living in a Big City

Enjoying some green scenery at Madison Square Park
I'm no stranger to the Big Apple, having visited a handful of times before moving here for the summer. But some things you just can't predict or ignore. Here are some of my little thoughts on life in the city.

Skyscrapers are nice, parks are pretty and the Highline isn’t bad. But nothing beats a wide-open corn field, a grassy lawn with a roaring bonfire or the ability to actually see the stars at night.

Subways are convenient, quick and way cheaper than a car. But I still miss cruising around, windows down, obnoxious radio song blasting.  Flying down a country road during a muggy summer evening is perfection.

I honestly feel safe and secure living in New York City. But I still get uneasy when my afternoon walk goes past sunset, and the creepy old men start calling me “gorgeous.”

While trying to fall asleep at night in my quiet 14th-floor apartment, my ears ring incessantly. A girl’s eardrums can only take so much city noise.

I wish everyone would just slow down for a second. I got so caught up in the fast-paced hustle this week, I rammed my thigh into the subway turnstile. I didn’t wait to see the “Please swipe again” message before plowing through. Ouch.

I expected living among New Yorkers would be a grouchy experience, but they continue to surprise me. A restaurant owner in Little Italy serenaded me. A stranger chased me down to hand me my headphones I’d unknowingly dropped on the sidewalk. People hold open the elevator doors and wish me a good morning.

I miss the little things, but I love the new, big things. I long to breathe in some fresh, smoke-free air that is sweet with the scent of blossoming flowers. But this city makes up for lacking that. It’s full of the most amazing, colorful people, surrounded by never-ending culture and randomly awesome things that happen at any given street corner. Today’s funny sightings: a group of 50 people rollerblading around Union Square, and a man wearing a raccoon tail. Just another day. 

By Kelli Fitzpatrick, Kent State University, Reader's Digest
Edited by Michela Tindera, Indiana University, Family Circle


  1. I love NYC too. I traveled there a number of times in my last job to do interviews and stories. I too found that just walking down the street and taking in the sights and sounds was fun. Several times I just ate my lunch "on the street" buying a hot dog at one stand, then fried cashews at another a few blocks later and a cup of Starbucks a few blocks after that.

  2. Sorry, forgot to mention I am Kristin Canning's adviser. Tell her hello for me.