Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Buzzfeed Told Me I Shouldn’t Move To New York

I spend about as much time being productive as I spend taking Buzzfeed quizzes. Usually the addictive tests end in an eye-roll (come on, I do NOT want a salad for lunch) or a tweet to share an all-too-accurate prediction (you’re right, Buzzfeed, I totally belong in Gryffindor!). Let’s be honest: An online quiz rarely gives you any useful information.

Case in point: After completing an internship in the Big Apple last summer, it was no secret that I didn’t love New York City. In fact, by August, I was counting down the days until I could head back to good old Des Moines, Iowa. On my last day here, I proudly threw out my MetroCard, hailed a cab to LaGuardia, and said good riddance to the Manhattan skyline.

So when my NYC roommate posted a Buzzfeed quiz titled “Should You Move To New York City?” on my Facebook timeline, I was pretty sure of what it would tell me. My results? “No way! WTF are you thinking?” (Granted, the quiz sets you up for failure. One question asks how paying $60 for two bags of groceries sounds, and the options are: a. Heaven, or b. A seething hellscape. Who could possibly consider a Trader Joe's with a line halfway down the block heaven?)

Needless to say, I never thought I’d be back in New York City…and only partially because Buzzfeed said so. I told myself the only reason I’d come back was if I got the ASME internship. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I’m glad I didn’t skip the internship in fear of NYC. Only two and a half weeks in, I already love the city more than I did before (take that, Buzzfeed!). Maybe that’s because I’m no longer an underage, unpaid intern; maybe it’s because I know a few more people and can navigate the grid; or maybe I’m just more optimistic. In any case, I'm glad that hilarious-yet-terrifying quiz was wrong, because there is so much to learn in this city.

And, hey, maybe by the end of this summer, Buzzfeed will tell me that I should make the move here…or even that I’m a “street-walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm." Let's hope for the former.

--Kristin Doherty, Drake University, The Knot
Edited by Kathryn Moody, Indiana University, Kiplinger's Personal Finance

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