Friday, July 11, 2014

Lindsey Murray: A Few Steps Ahead

A 10K running tour of Philadelphia almost ended up on Lindsey Murray’s resume.

The Philly native volunteered to run the race while interning at Philadelphia Magazine and writing for its health blog: never mind that she “can’t even run a mile.” Lindsey wanted to be the intern that never said no, so she faked it till she made it (though she never actually made it across the 10K finish line—to her relief, the race was cancelled).

That eager attitude served the 21-year-old well in her journalism career. From the get-go, Lindsey knew the news-focused curriculum at Temple University wouldn’t put her on the right path. “I took a different route, and at first I thought it was going to hurt me,” she says. “But in a way, it made me stand out. Since I wasn’t working at the [campus] newspaper, I knew I had to work harder.” This fall, she’ll take the reigns of both Temple’s yearbook and Her Campus chapter in addition to continuing her internship with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and her university’s marketing department.

Working hard for an opportunity has become second nature for Lindsey. Last year she wrote for Her Campus’s “Lose The Freshman 15” blog—a competition where the blogger with the most pageviews won a trip to meet editors from SELF magazine. “I’m pretty sure my friends on Facebook hated me because I posted my blogs a million times,” she says. But the online badgering pushed her blog ahead, sending her to Condé Nast and introducing her to the magazine world outside of Philly.

Now, her ASME internship in New York City at Real Simple marks the fifth internship in her undergraduate career. While her job mostly involves fact checking and research, Lindsey isn’t the type to be limited by her spot on the editorial totem pole. “I’m trying to branch out and dabble in everything just because I want to know as much as I can,” she says. Lindsey reached out to the web and food departments, and now she’s working on a food story about how to cook more than a hot dog or s’mores over an open fire.

And though she started out with a string of health and fitness jobs, she’s finally found her footing in women’s service: “I think the payoff is so worthwhile,” she says. “I love know that I helped someone with something, like cooking over an open fire.” A self-touted Seventeen magazine fanatic, Lindsey hopes to help teenagers navigate those awkward teenage years as an editor for a teen publication.

And there’s no doubt she’s on her way there, thanks to her contagious enthusiasm and levelheaded planning. “I’m always 12 steps ahead of where I need to be,” she says. “And right now I know that this is what I want to do. This is the career for me.”

--Written by Kristin Doherty, Drake University, The Knot
--Edited by Gabriela Riccardi, Syracuse University, Family Circle

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