Monday, July 7, 2014

Rose Minutaglio: Living in the Moment, from Coast to Coast

Rose Minutaglio, a 20-year-old Austin, TX native, chooses every single day of her life to “be in the moment.”

This life mantra explains why she decided to pack her bags and move across the country to live in Rome for five months during her second semester of her junior year at Trinity University. Born into a family with deep Italian roots, Minutaglio has known she wanted to study abroad in Rome since middle school.

Her closest friends describe her as outgoing and individualistic, which perfectly sums up her decision to travel by herself across the country. While in Rome, never in a million years would she have imagined herself traveling to Morocco and Croatia. But she did.

“It’s probably been the best experience of my whole life," she says. "I grew up a lot when I was there. It opened my eyes to all these new experiences and ways of life that I had never seen before in the U.S.” 

“Being in the moment” is something her father, Bill Minutaglio, has always said to her but she began to understand it more and more as she got older.

Minutaglio was born with journalism running through her veins.

Unlike some who spend years finding their passion, Minutaglio discovered hers early. Her father, who attended the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and went on to work at several, prominent newspapers in the Texas area, is now a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin. He introduced her to the craft.

“I’ve grown up around journalism and always really admired my dad as a writer," Minutaglio says. He’s my idol and biggest inspiration, which is really why I got into journalism."

Minutaglio has been following her dreams of becoming a magazine editor ever since. Her aspirations led her to The Big Apple.

She was ecstatic when she heard the news of her acceptance into the ASME program. “I felt very honored and really appreciated the opportunity to come to my dream city and work at my dream job,” she says. During her time here she has fell in love with New York City and can’t wait to move to the city in the future.

“I’ve always known that I want to live in New York City ever since I was a little kid. Not to sound too corny, but this is basically a dream come true to be here,” Minutaglio says. She has wasted no time exploring the city. Everything from the people, food, art and culture intrigue her.

Minutaglio has also fallen in love with her internship this summer at Sports Illustrated. She has taken on the challenge of working at a weekly magazine head-on, putting in long hours and exercising her sharp eye by fact-checking many of the articles.

Sports Illustrated is known to be right on the mark with all of their facts and never having any mistakes," she adds."It’s exciting and fun to be able to see a story that comes out of print and say I saw that in draft before it was in final and helped work on it."

When she’s not writing, you can catch her exploring new sights, indulging in one of the city’s tastiest restaurants, or laying out in Central Park enjoying a good read.

Minutaglio’s childhood dreams led her to Rome and her passion for journalism led her to the city of her dreams. There is no doubt that the world is at her fingertips, and her success story is not even halfway written.

“Live life to the fullest,” she says. “Don’t sit around and do nothing. Go out, have fun, laugh a lot, and be in the moment.” 

Written by Maya Allen, Howard University, Woman's Day Magazine 
Edited by Kayla Elam, University of Missouri, Smithsonian Magazine

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