Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The 4 Best & Worst Parts of Working for a Wedding Magazine

At 8 years old, all I wanted was to be the flower girl in my uncle’s wedding. At age 18, all I wanted was to write about weddings all day long. You can imagine how thrilled I was to be placed at The Knot for my ASME internship. The job is just as amazing as I imagined it’d be, but there were a few not-so-pleasant surprises that came with the internship.

The best parts of working for The Knot:

  1. Wedding cake at meetings. OK, that only happened once—and it was delicious. But XO Group does host fun happenings: We had a pizza party for U.S. World Cup game and every Thursday is Thirsty Thursday. Plus, interns have meetings with execs and high-up editors to learn about the behind-the-scenes processes of the company and magazine.
  2. I’m getting really good at identifying flowers. A big part of my job is building Real Wedding photo galleries on the site, which includes tagging the pictures with the wedding style, color palette, and even specific flower types.
  3. A Kleinfeld field trip! For those of you not completely immersed in the wedding world, Kleinfeld Bridal is where the TLC hit Say Yes To The Dress is filmed. XO Group organized an intern field trip to the salon next week. I’ll have to report back on if I meet Randy Fenoli or Pnina Tornai! 
  4. I look at gorgeous pictures all day. Seriously, these weddings are gorgeous, and I get to browse photos all day. Yesterday, I searched for pictures of well-dressed grooms (didn’t hate it) and today I found various types of textured tablecloths (you'd be surprised how many options there are).

But with the perks come some challenges:

  1. The Bachelorette spoilers. I start each morning searching for bridal-related news. Unfortunately, I found out Andi Dorfman’s new fiancée weeks before the finale. Now there's no point to watching the rest of the season and therefore nothing to look forward to on Monday nights.
  2. Everyone keeps asking me if my wedding will be perfect. Just to clarify: I’m totally not engaged or planning a wedding. But my friends seem to assume I spend my workdays picking out DJs, favors and a veil to top it off. Not the case—I’ll wait till someone puts a ring on it! (But when the time comes, yes, it will be perfect.)
  3. Unquenchable wanderlust. Building web content about destination weddings and honeymoon spots makes me want to travel everywhere, all the time. As a twenty-something on a college budget, it’s heartbreakingly not an option—but I do have some great ideas for my spring break trip.
  4. I’m developing champagne taste and pursuing a career that’ll give me a beer budget. Some of the weddings on The Knot's site cost more than my entire college education—literally. Now that I’ve been inspired by luxury affairs, I want the same details for my own, far-off nuptials. But you don’t go into journalism for the paycheck, so I’ll have to settle for handmade favors and DIY invitations. (Who am I kidding? The rookie crafter in me loves the sound of that!)

Written by Kristin Doherty, Drake University, The Knot
Edited by Anna Hensel, Creighton University, Inc.

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