Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Throwback Tuesday

Being in this program makes me think of where I’m going and where I want to go, but often that leads me to thinking of how I got here. (No doubt those nostalgic feelings are intensified by my 22nd birthday in a few weeks.) Magazines are integral to my journey, of course, and I can think of no better way to use a blog post than to commemorate the magazines that have since folded that had a hand in inspiring me to be here. It may only be Tuesday, but hold on to your scrunchies and slap bracelets kids, we’re throwing it back.

Disney Adventures Magazine

Famous for: comics of Disney characters, previews of upcoming movies and TV shows. Also, its small, book-like size made it easy to take on long road trips

Folded in 2007

I'm pretty sure I found out about a small TV show called Lizzie McQuire through this magazine, so it was an important part of my childhood. The comics also featured celebrities like the Backstreet Boys, which made it a hot commodity in my household. 

Teen People

Famous for: dreamy photo shoots with all your favorite celebs (JT! Orlando! Britney! Hilary!), previews for summer concerts (remember when JT and Christina toured together?) and fall TV shows

Folded in 2006

Before social media, magazines like these were the go-to to learn about your favorite celebrity's upcoming CD or movie. They were like the ultimate liaison for entertainment junkies, like me, who waited all morning to see their favorite music video to be played on MTV.  

Nickelodeon Magazine

Famous for: interviewing celebs before they made it really big (Hilary Duff and Britney Spears both made the cover before they were tabloid darlings), pranks, introducing the world to upcoming cartoons on their network like Spongebob and Fairy Odd Parents

Folded in 2010

I remember watching Nick and seeing advertisements for this magazine and thinking it sounded like the coolest thing ever because it had pranks, slime recipes and joke sections. When my sister and I got our own subscription, we often argued over who got to look at it first (aka who got to keep all the pull-out parts of the magazine).


Famous for: fashion sections, boy advice and celebrity profiles

Folded in 2004

I can't lie, this was my absolute favorite magazine growing up. My sister and I used to read the embarrassing stories out loud and try to come up with even more outrageous stories. YM was also more fashion-driven than any magazine I had been exposed to up to that point, and I depended on it when I would journey to the mall with my mom every August to pick back-to-school outfits. 

It's not all teen magazines...

Jane Magazine

Famous for: being the cool girl on the newsstand, lots of hair tips I could never quite get right and being an overall sass master

Folded in 2007

Jane was one of those magazines I was probably too young to be reading but did so anyway. When I thought I was too mature to be reading Nickelodeon, Jane was there to give me insight into the world of dating, careers and dressing outside of the junior section. I devoured it. 

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Written by Kayla Elam, University of Missouri, Smithsonian Magazine
Edited by Anna Hecht, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, FITNESS Magazine 

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